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About Ergon

Our work is encompassed in four key themes. Our programs, devised in partnership with our local partners, cross fertilise these themes- making them unique, different and importantly - Deaf led!


We’re about ensuring that D/deaf people are able to self-determine and self advocate; accessing support in the communication choice- eg. Sign Language, sign supported aural method, oral method or other. Whatever it is – Deaf have a RIGHT to self express and self represent!

That D/deaf people have a right to be protected from physical, mental, sexual, violent abuse and neglect. That they have a right to protection.

That Professionals working with Ergon understand the rights of D/deaf and accord them appropriate access and protection.

​Our work is rights based and we expect all our partners to be the same.


We want D/deaf people to develop skills for work and to ensure sustainable employment and livelihood opportunities.

Those Deaf people who head up a family or who are caring for sick parents/siblings have the right to work.

We want to support local D/deaf enterprises and entrepreneurship; to enable the development of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-determination – to empower D/deaf people to be whom they want to be! 

Access to Appropriate Technology

We want to empower D/deaf people and their families to make the best use of technology; to test, trial and adapt new approaches that deliver true inclusion.

To enable D/deaf rights, healthcare and education providers to utilise technologies so that D/deaf people exercise their right to access quality service provision.


We’re about making sure the global health and development community responds to the unique communication, cultural and linguistic needs of D/deaf. 

We’re passionate that D/deaf people access quality ear and hearing care and we will work with ENT & audiological providers to ensure the best possible pathways of care.

We also want to address the challenge of mental health and deafness; we’ll work with leading mental health practitioners to ensure Deaf are able to access quality person centred support.

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