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Ergon Translation Services

Ergon is capable of handling language translation and interpretation needs of startups, small firms as well as of larger multinational companies with specific needs and sophisticated procedures.

​Our translation department was created in 2010 for providing quality translations to our clients.
We have established an effective and personalised process of dealing with any kind of translation. We do translations for various sectors, such as Literature, Media, Legal, and many others.
Ergon Quality Translations works with all types of formats and content – texts, leaflets, brochures, labels, websites, video subtitles etc.

How is our translation service performed? We work only with professional translators who have long proved experience in the industry.

​All translators in all languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish and Greek, work in their mother tongue. We also provide interpretation services to Italian Sign Language, American Sign Language, International Signs and Greek Sign Language. 

My International Ergon

Ergon has long been engaged in an intense process of internationalization of its activities and projects. Dealing with colleagues from foreign institutions with similar aims, sharing experiences and research projects, building long-lasting exchange pathways are in fact a necessary incentive to its growth and training.

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