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Authentic and proven, Ergon is Piemont’s social organization working to respond to the protection, health, and wellbeing needs of young D/deaf, hard of hearing, and DeafBlind especially in low resource and complex humanitarian settings.


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Youth Social Entrepreneurship Potential

The “Youth Social Entrepreneurs Potential” project aims to enable young people, who want to develop their business ideas while generating a positive “return to society”, to develop their social entrepreneurship skills and critical thinking. 


Signing Banks

Signing Banks aims to promote full financial inclusion to d/Deaf people, including traditional and alternative banking services, online payment services, financial transactions, and mobile banking.

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MAKE IT WORK: supporting D/deaf young people into work

The MAKE IT WORK project will develop project results – tools and training materials – designed to provide access to employment regulations in an inclusive and accessible way for d/Deaf young job seekers. With the products of the project, d/Deaf young job seekers will be able to access employment information in sign language and accessible written forms to use in their daily working lives.

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Our Mission

To foster the personal development of young d/Deaf using sign language or others communication model in Italy and abroad and to further mutual understanding to advance and protect the rights of and opportunities for young d/Deaf Italians.

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Viale San Pancrazio 65, 10044 Pianezza-Italia


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